Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book News!!!

Hey, Friends!  I've been given the chance to buy copies of my book "The Green Country Adept: Book 1 of the World Tree War" at a significant discount so I'm passing it along to you.  I've ordered 10 copies and am giving away 2 of them.  The cost is $25.00 and I'm covering the shipping, which is significantly down from the $38.08 +s/h,  that my printer is selling them for.  I've been given this price until December 2nd,   Leave me a message here or on my Facebook page to order one and be entered for the free copies.

If the free copies are already gone, or you just want a signed copy without worrying about the book give-away, just click above on the book store tab and order the book on your own.  All orders are processed the same day that they're placed. 

Thanks All!  I hope that you enjoy the book!

P.S.  Thanks to the following for already reserving their copy:
           Jeff Davis
           Ahna Baker
           Lanette  Barnett
           Barbas Darkblade (facebook handle)
           Maris Ward
           Lee Trekell

I will update this list as well as post the winner here and on my Facebook page.

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